24th May 1825

The Catholics have lost their bill once more & its nothing but right they shoud when one beholds the sacred humbugs which their religion hurds up & sanctifys.

A list of Catholic relics in a church at Dobberan in Mecklenburg—-From Nugent's Travels

"A small quantity of flax which the Virgin Mary had for spinning—A bundle of hay which the three wise men of the east had for their cattle & left behind them at Bethlehem—a bone of Ignatius Loyola the founder of the Jesuits—A piece of poor Lazaruses Garment—a bone of St. Christopher & first joint of his thumb—a piece of linnen cloth which the Virgin Mary wove with her own hands—a piece of the head belonging to the fish mentioned in Tobit—The napkin which the bridegroom made use of at the marriage of Cana in Galilee—a hair of St. Jerome's mustachios—Part of Judas bowels which gushed out as he burst asunder—the Sissors with which Delila cut off Samson's hair—a piece of the apron which the butcher wore when he killed the calf upon the return of the prodigal son—one of the five smooth stones which David put into his bag when he went to encounter the giant Goliath—a branch of the tree on which Absalom hung by the hair—The Deeds of St Thomas as the Apostle of St Paul & of St Peter—A piece of St Peters fishing net—the priest fold the traveller that one of the relics had been stolen in the last Century & it was no less than a quill from the Angel Gabriel's wing".

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