22nd May 1825

Newspaper Odditys
'A .spirited London bookseller announces that he is printing the Duke of York's Speech against the Catholics in Letters of Gold' — This is shining fame at least.
'The total population of America is 34,280,000 of which 11,287,000 are Protestants 22,177,000 Roman Catholics & 820,000 Indians not Christians'
At Wieland in Poland the imagination is confounded at the idea of finding, after a descent of 850 steps in the salt mines, vast Halls. (The Hall of Klosky is 3,100 feel high & 180 feet wide) -- stabling for 80 horses, storehouses, offices for Clerks, & three chapels, the whole of the fittings – altars, crucifixes, tables, desk & seats worked in salt!' Stamford Mercury
Recievd a letter from Lord Radstock with one enclosed of a Mr Boileau with a flattering compliment on my poems calling me a pretty flower

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