Letter - To Artis

March or April, 1825

How are you getting on nay I may be like the Irishman & ask Were you are for I dont know were to find you nor know wether you are at London or York as I write at a venture & the purport of this is to beg your kindness to get a frank for the enclosed letter if in case the pensil marks be rubbed out the Direction is to 'Mrs William Wright Clapham Surrey'. How are you -getting on with your 'Fossil Plants' & 'Antiquitys' I have found some more fragments of pot in Harrison's close near Oxey & am now convinced myself that there is some more worth the trial one of the bits had the letter 'V on it a mark of the potters I suppose I have saved them 'all for your inspection when you next come to Helpstone — have you been to see Hessey I suspect you have as they have begun printing the New Poems — lets hear from you — a little news of any sort is acceptable here — did you see the poems in Montgomery's ' Iris ' I think you heard me talk of it when you was last here.
I am dear Artis
Yours very sincerely

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