18th December 1824

To Charles Abraham Elton
Decr 18 1824

My dear sir
I have got from home a few days to pass away time & try to improve my present misery's by other amusements than reading &c which has long ceased to be I have at the same time taking an opportunity,.of getting a frank for what I can say is scarcely worth the paper tho at one time it might be expected that I thought:otherwise by my fondness for scribbling & if I had been well I maker no doubt but I shoud have taken so much advantage of your invitation to near from me as to make you wish you had hot . . . get so. well as to write any thing or even correct what I have written — I mentioned the Shepherd's Calender to Hessey a long time back but he made no sort of answer in return in fact this is always the way they serve me I know not how they serve you but when I ask any thing about what may concern me or mine they pass it off & talk of other things a great length from the main road — there was nothing in the Epistle’ &c that I objected to but the two verses mentioning the Casts at Devilles & that was in the expression which I thought rather flat & as spoiling the general tenour of the other verses the, rest I would rather have seen as they were I recollect the line you mention & thought then that the word 'intensity of age' very good & happy — I like the 'Solitary wasp' in 'blakesmoor' & thought that Dequinceys article on Goethe exelent. . . .

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