2nd August 1825

Wrote a Letter to William Hone's Every Day book signed 'Roberts' with a copy of Verses which I have titled 'A Farewell & Defiance to Love’ & fathered on Sir John Harrington but I don’t suppose they will get inserted.

To William Hone*
2. August 1825
I have an old Copy of the 'Reliquiae Wottonianae' on the flye leaves of which is the following verses in M.S. entitled a Defiance to Love & attributed to Sir Henry Wooten by the Writer. If they are worthy mention in your everyday book they are at your service as I see by 'your insertion of a Poem' of Andrew Marvels’ that you give room to such 'Reliques'— I myself am very fond of these old. votarys of the muses & I may confess my taste to be laughd' at by the moderns when I say that I prefer Shakespear to Byron, Spencer to Sir Walter Scott, Sir John Suckling to Moor &every, other of the Elizabethan Bards to the rest of the Modern's—I am also a constant reader of your Every day book & a yearly purchaser of Moors Almanack & I am in the habit of'taking your key to unlock every mystery of Saint Abildquenty [?] Q inserted in the months of the latter in the mysterious garb of abridgment till they become as dark & difficult of explanation as the Hieroglyphics of the Sarcophagus in the Museum & to my disappointment I find you have omitted to say anything of 2 subjects in July viz 4M—Tr of St Mart & 7TH—Thomas a Becket & perhaps I may have further room for complaints tho I hope not & I wish you woud give us an explanation of the above as it is not yet too late for every old fashioned reader of Moors Almanack will be equally dissapointed at your omissions of such things & gratified to see you correct them & fullfill the prospectus with which you started in making your book a "perpetual Almanack'

Yours &c


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